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Certificates of analysis of our production are available.

Do not hesitate to ask us !

Our Mission

Eco-responsible and ethical production of natural products for high-quality premium markets

Preserving threatened trees by empowering periurban and rural women through access to high-end international markets: that is the raison d'être of Dakande


In Senegal, we provide rural women's group with the necessary tooling, training and market-accessibility resources enabling an alternative sustainable and eco-friendly production of natural products.

 It allows them to raise their standard of living thanks to the direct selling of their high-quality production to international premium clients.

Through the direct linkage between women producers and international clients, Dakandé is a supporting platform enabling interactive information and contact exchange for a better understanding and accounting of both market criteria and producer-to-client communication.



Strategy, clients & partners

Planting, tooling and training

The core strategy is the constant reinvesting of activity revenues in three major emphases:

  • Plantation & tree preservation policy and strategies implemented to increase our green bank capital

  • Appropriate tooling through the providing of relevant technical management and support

  • And training of women farmers in best practices for sustainable and environmentally responsible natural production.

Our clients

Our clients are namely high-range artisans and small manufacturers working with the finest materials  – essentially specialist chocolate craftsmen, pastry cooks, confectioners, ice-cream makers, bakers, caterers, delicatessen shops and gourmet food providers, high-quality ink, paint, cardboard, paper and varnish industry players throughout the world.

Our partners


Our partners are, amongst others, associations of periurban and rural women in Senegal and the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Senegal.

Contact us

In Switzerland


Avenue Blanc, 48

1202 Geneva

M: +41 (0) 77 444 33 00

T: +41 (0) 22 575 23 24

In Senegal


Cité Keur Gorgui

Immeuble D Teranga 1 - #F 2/B

BP15996 Dakar-Fann Dakar

M: +221 77 633 30 87

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